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  • Canadian pharmacy

    The U.S. pharmaceutical Canadian pharmacy industry is certainly on track to clash with the Canadian pharmaceutical industry. Canadian pharmaceutical companies have captured much of the U.S. domestic market. Since drug prices in Canada are much lower than in the United States, and this trend will continue for a long time, Canadian companies are harvesting a […]

  • Protecting Your Digital Assets in the Age of “The Cloud”

    In the Internet age, we not only own real estate, bank accounts, shares and other investments, but we also often own valuable digital assets, including digital music, books and photography. In addition to the value of these assets before inheritance tax, the real value of these assets lies in their sentimental value to the beneficiaries […]

  • Estate Planning With Digital Assets

    Where, apart from the filing cabinet, do you store most of the important information? Probably on your computer and in various online accounts. And what happens to this information when you die? Your next of kin can spend months seeking the consent of an online service provider to gain access and permission to manage and […]

  • Digital Assets – A Broader Approach for Our Online Assets

    As the online part of our lives grows rapidly, our digital assets too. What are digital assets? In the past, the term “digital asset” referred to digital content such as multimedia text, images, audio and video. These assets have direct commercial value for the “old” content industry, such as the music and broadcasting industries. As […]

  • Things to Consider When Implementing a Digital Asset Management System

    In recent years, many businesses and individuals have become increasingly concerned about the ever-increasing expansion of the different types of products and devices available in the digital industry. Much of this problem is about storing all the files you create. For example, even when a family member takes a photo of his family vacation, he […]

  • The Importance of Digital Asset Management

    Digital asset management has grown in digital content and the need for effective DAM management.As businesses increasingly use devices to perform day-to-day business tasks, the need for digital access to information is growing. Companies need quick and easy access to files to stay competitive in their field. These files are known as digital assets, and […]

  • Understanding Digital Asset Management

    What are digital assets? Do you know? Today, the business focuses on protecting all types of assets, from computers to customer lists and digital assets. Digital assets include everything from photos and videos to presentations, etc., all digital media that can benefit the business, help it develop and succeed in the future. Digital Asset Management, […]

  • Managing Digital Files With a Digital Asset Management System

    While it may be true that these days you can get pretty good quality images using cheap digital cameras, many people overlook one thing, it’s the type of file resource manager that comes with it. The more people use a digital camera and the more images they take, the greater the need for effective file […]

  • The Rise of Digital Asset Management

    When I first heard the term “digital asset management,” I assumed it was just another financial term for a certain type of stock or media bond. In fact, Digital Asset Management or DAM is advertised as one of the best multimedia software products of the future. The proposed growth in digital asset management over the […]

  • Reshaping the Way Organizations Think About Digital Asset Management

    Digital Asset Management (also known as DAM) by definition includes tasks and solutions related to recording, annotation, cataloguing, storage, extraction, reuse, and asset allocation. DAM was originally called optimization, maintenance, abbreviation and file export. With the growth of digital libraries, there has also been an increased need to do more with the resources they contain. […]