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If you spend more than 2 days in Munich, you can take advantage of the geographical location of the city, close to many interesting attractions. There are many day trips from Munich to choose from, and there’s something for everyone. However, there are many more, so I suggest you read my article on the best day trips from Munich. Many travelers think Munich is all about beer and feel like they should go to Munich’s breweries. Therefore, more tourist breweries can get a little sticky and bustling with travelers getting drunk on German beer.

The Hotel MIO by AMANO is perfectly located in the heart of Munich. The common areas are elegant and the rooms are simple, modern and comfortable. The park was created in the late 1700s and takes its name from the informal English garden style, popular at the time.

It’s not as stressful or crazy as I thought it would be and now I wish I had spent much less time worrying and worrying about finding a place to sit in stores. You may want to base your time there on a specific oktoberfest store, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to get attached to a specific store. Just find a place where you feel comfortable and where you can fit in. If you don’t like where you are, go to another tent.

And taxi drivers seem excited about receiving a tip. Probably because most Germans and tourists use public transport. I only took taxis in Munich, because my hotel was very out of the center and I was in a hurry and it was raining.

I saw stores with Ampelmann merchandise in Berlin and Munich. In the US, long rollers are used to accommodate the shape … But I’ve only seen used round rollers, especially what we call Kaiser rolls here. Being of German descent and visiting Germany before this article is so true and made me laugh out loud. I’m taking my partner to Germany next year and this article is perfect for him because it looks like the typical opposite of a German. One point made me want to share a story with you….

Munich is the capital and largest city of Bavaria, and the 2nd largest in Germany. Munich is located in southern Germany in the German Bundesland of Bayern. It is a few hours from Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic. READ our guide to the best places to stay in Munich. News and information about tourist opportunities in Munich. New Year’s Eve in Munich welcomes the New Year together Locals and visitors come together to celebrate New Year’s Eve in style.