6 Common Dental Problems

A root canal procedure and a crown are to protect the crack from spreading. Also known as halitosis, bad breath is a common oral condition. It can be caused by gum disease, cavities, dry mouth and bacteria in the mouth. While the use of mouthwash and high water consumption provide a temporary solution, treating the underlying problem is perhaps the best remedy.

Many of the caries of dental products can be avoided by practicing the right toothbrush techniques. The accumulation of bacteria in the mouth can be caused by a wide variety of problems. Sometimes the way medicines are broken down in the body can cause an abnormal smelling breath.

Sensitive teeth can also be an indication of undiagnosed tooth decay or tooth decay. Periodontitis affects the tissues that surround and support the tooth. The disease is characterized by bleeding or swollen gums, pain and sometimes bad Dentist Office Huntsville breath. In its most severe form, the gums can come out of the tooth and support the bone, causing the teeth to loosen and sometimes fall out. Severe periodontal disease is estimated to affect nearly 10% of the world’s population.

The risk of developing a cavity depends entirely on the lifestyle. The better your oral hygiene, the less likely you are to experience tooth rot. The best way to treat rotten teeth is to prevent plaque from accumulating.

Risk factors are alcohol and smoking, especially chewing tobacco. Most dental cancers start out as a pink growth or clump in the mouth. If you experience growth in the mouth, you should immediately see a dentist for treatment. Your dentist will examine your head, mouth and ear for signs of problems. However, you can prevent oral cancer by keeping dental examinations and regular appointments. If you experience oral cancer symptoms or have difficulty swallowing or chewing, you may need to visit the dentist to have your teeth and gums checked.