Choose The Right Size Pool Pump

Be sure to consider the number of hours you plan to run your filter each day to calculate an accurate turnover rate. Your sand filter can last 15 years to 25 years or more if properly cared for and maintained. Most of the time, you may need to replace parts like valves and gaskets, but you probably won’t need to replace the entire system for many years. Remember to follow these basic guidelines when using your sandbath filter so that you can see many years of hassle-free service. The next step is to install the filter valve, which requires some digging to install correctly.

Again, if this is the problem, you need to replace the collector. But be prepared to replace the tank, because a plaster will probably not stick for long. Add the two depth measurements together and then divide them by two to get the average depth. You might think that bigger is better in terms of pump size. Sand and water are often used to cut solid metals, which should indicate how abrasive this mixture can be.

Sometimes it may be necessary to add extra water and chemicals to the pool to replace what has been lost. This pool sand filter pump uses a large double reinforced aquarium sand filter 14″ tank that can hold up to 60 pounds of sand, making it ideal for pools up to 10,500 bile. Filters are usually dimensioned based on square meters of surface area.

Turn the control valve to “Rinse” and let the pump run for 30 to 45 seconds in the rinsing cycle. After rinsing the filter, replace the backwash hose and reset the pump to its normal settings before turning it back on. In our personal opinion, cartridge filters are more effective at removing impurities and keeping pool water clean than sand filters. Cartridge filters are also easy to maintain, trapping smaller particles than sand filters, reducing the load on the pool pump and not requiring backwashing. As a bonus, you don’t have to handle potentially hazardous materials (sand, silica, zeolite, etc.). Instead of using sand as a filter agent, cartridge filters contain a pleated polyester filter.

The first step in determining the size of the pool pump needed for your pool is to know how much water is in your pool. Be prepared to get wet, as this involves measuring the actual depth of the water in the pool. For this reason, each pool has a maximum current, which is determined exclusively by the pipes of your pool. If your filter is the right size, you may need to wash the filter for a longer period of time.

Well, it really comes down to how big your pool is, how much money you want to spend, and how much cleaning and maintenance you’re willing to do. Then water flows through another hose to the top of the tank to start the filtration process. This pump uses a 0.5 hp motor that not only provides powerful suction power, but is also energy efficient, which is ideal for energy bills.