At a time when hard drives were very slow, operating system manufacturers found that it is much better to mark the space as free than to delete content. Eventually new content would be written, making it seem unnecessary to write zeros or random numbers about it. This also prevents wear of the flash memory, which has meid vs imei only a limited number of write processes in its useful life. It’s a good exercise, but he suspected he still has control over his device. This also gives you the ability to recover deleted data. However, all data is in your phone memory and can be easily restored using a free data recovery tool such as FKT Imager.

However, a restart of the plant should always be handled with caution. This means that your saved photos, text messages, files and settings are removed and your device is restored to the state it was when it left the factory for the first time. Your computer, phone or tablet contains all kinds of personal information about you. Before you sell, return, recycle or donate them, you must ensure that you delete all of this information correctly. On most devices, securely deleting your data is quite easy.

Android’s own backup system can be found under System Settings, Advanced and Backup. This includes data such as contacts, text messages and certain device settings (including Wi-Fi passwords). It’s a good option, but make sure everything you want to save is covered. We also recommend reading Google’s official support document to reset pixel phones. The recovery partition is part of the hard drive on which the factory settings of your device are stored. Therefore, if you restart the plant, the virus will not be eliminated.

It is also recommended to format your device if it is attacked by viruses or malware or if your phone is abnormal. Apple devices that support iOS 5 or higher contain hardware encryption when configuring an access code. If you use the method to clean up, the encryption key is also overwritten, which makes it very difficult for anyone who wants to restore the data. The only cause for concern is when you find an encryption setting and find that the device is not yet encrypted. In this case, you want to follow the steps in the same area to encrypt them and ensure that your data is properly protected. Similar to other things, your files are like PDF, audio, etc.

Your phone uses a device-specific key that is only stored on your phone. Apple generally deletes your personal information better than Android. For iPhone 3GS or higher, third generation or higher iPod Touch and all iPads, the device data must be encrypted automatically when you have activated an access code. When you reset your factory phone, the access code and encryption key are safely removed. All information left behind is firmly encrypted and therefore not accessible to all experts in data recovery at a higher level with the exception of this.