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  • Everything You Need To Know About Buying An Island In Belize By Caribbean Culture And Lifestyle – Belize Oct, 2022

    Offshore Financing – Non-residents can borrow US dollars through a Belizean offshore banking institution. Effective interest rates are around 12% and most offshore banks require a high degree of collateral. For buyers using other currencies, take a good look at the current exchange rate. And either way, the safest route is to hire a reputable […]

  • 4 Simple Tips For Buying A Leather Bag

    Most of the leather bag market consists of machine-made bags. Often the origin of the leather determines the quality of the bag. We know some countries that consistently produce quality leather, such as Italy, England, France and the United States. History shows that these countries have a good track record of good tanning. These bags […]

  • Benefits Of Buying A Used Car Or Truck From A Ford Dealer

    We are also better equipped to answer your questions compared to a private seller or a third party. While you may have more options when buying new from our Ford dealer in Tampa, depreciation is a consideration that can motivate you to put used cars up for sale. New vehicles tend to lose value faster, […]

  • 11 Questions To Ask When Buying A Newly Built House

    A good builder should have no problem with an expert inspector verifying his work. In this new market we also see that builders give themselves the right to cancel. Some, for reasons such as rising construction costs or long construction delays. Make sure you find out what it takes in the backyard and how quickly […]