Top 15 Delicious Food Festivals Worldwide

Thousands of visitors line the streets for daytime and night parades of fruity floats made of countless lemons and oranges, representing everything from cartoon characters and huge animals to Indian gods. Other attractions include citrus sculptures, an artisan market, and an orchid exhibition. It also hosts one of the most unique food festivals in the world, the Nevis Mango Festival, a four-day event that celebrates all the things about this amazing fruit. From tofu to turmeric, the Ubud Food Festival, sister event of the Ubud Writers &Readers and Bali Emerging Voices festivals, puts Indonesia’s vast culinary landscape at the center every April. Start by reading the story of the woman who took Bali as her home and launched this annual festival, minutes from Four Seasons Resort Bali in Sayan.

The Gilroy Garlic Festival is an annual three-day celebration of all things garlic, making the city’s large garlic crops a national event and attracting visitors from across the country. Pushing your taste buds is the best way to experience some of Buenos Aires’ best restaurants and dishes on a budget while discovering a new favorite you wouldn’t normally eat. It’s also a great time for people to get together and enjoy spending time together. If you’re visiting any of the cities or countries listed here, be sure to plan your trip around the food festival for a truly delicious experience. Here’s a list of the top 10 food festivals in 2022 that every foodie on earth should try.

You can also see culinary performances, kitchens of famous chefs, parades with marching bands, and a Mardi Gras party while in Galway for the festival. It was initially started as an idea to celebrate and enjoy local seafood. Fill your stomach with tasting menus from the world’s best restaurants, get the best culinary tips during demonstrations from celebrity chefs, and mingle with food lovers from around the world at these five major food festivals.

Brighten up your trip by attending the beloved Foodies Festival to celebrate all things food and drink. This three-day event travels throughout Britain all year round and has headliners providing live entertainment throughout the day. A large list of world-class chefs offering live demonstrations and expert cooking tips, and with over 30 street stalls to choose from, you have plenty of options.

This amazing festival showcases more than 500 different types of mangoes grown across the country and highlights delicious recipes created by notable Indian chefs. Everything at this festival revolves around the almighty mango, so don’t be surprised to see mango carvings, food contests, and even slogan-writing activities. You can also buy mango juices, jams and of course raw mangoes to take home before you leave the festival. The Food Network &Cooking Channel South Beach Wine &Food Festival is a large multi-day destination event featuring some of the world’s top producers, chefs and food personalities. The festival consists of more than 80 events that take place in South Florida in February. Many events are for adults only, but there are also some activities for the whole family.

Enjoy tastings at Caesar’s Palace, lunches and dinners at The Venetian, rooftop parties at The Cromwell, and a list of other events held at various locations outside the strip. You’ll have the chance to see and learn from famous chefs and sample various dishes and drinks in the heart of Las Vegas. Maybe the day after this whirlwind of food festivals, you’re stuck on a roof somewhere, as was the case in The Hangover. The people at this festival do exactly what their name says they do! This crazy game is held every spring on the hill outside Gloucester, England, and is one of the strangest cultural food festivals in the world. All participants have to do is follow a few simple rules: watch a 9-pound round of Double Gloucester cheese run downhill, give it a second-second advantage, and then fall after it.

The event takes place throughout the city, meaning you’ll have the chance to wander through the famous zip codes while eating dishes created by your favorite celebrity chefs. Last year tyler Florence, Elizabeth Falkner, Alex Guarnaschelli and Curtis Stone were present. There’s no easier way to feel like an A-lister than to eat A-list food in an A-list city. The world of food festivals doesn’t just consist of Michelin-starred chefs and world-class cuisine; They are also food fights, pizza stunts and national cherry queens. Big names will rock Cornwall this summer when chef director of restaurant group Rick Stein, Jack Stein, brings a packed food line to the annual Rock Oyster Festival.

The end of the festival brings the Chocolate Awards, which are a tribute to the best chocolatiers and the most remarkable chocolate from all over the world. It may not be a festival as such, but La Tomatina is the biggest food fight in the world. The fun began when a quarrel between two farmers got out of hand in 1945 and 22,000 festival-goers descended on Buñol in Spain to recreate the ensuing struggle for food in the city Oktoberfest every year since. The festival is held on the last Wednesday of August, with six huge trucks used to dump 160 tons of tomatoes into the streets. See the biggest, best, and craziest food festivals the world has to offer, from quaint British cities to German craft beer extravaganzas and more. In addition to the marathon, the Chinchilla Melon Festival has other events, including pitting pitting and melon bungee jumping.

If food is your religion, you should put these festivals on your bucket list. Wild food festival, held in the municipality of Hokitika on the South Island on the second Saturday of March. It celebrates all kinds of larvae, from local Maori foods and familiar dishes to strange bites.